Kentucky H1-B Visa Lawyer

An H1-B visa is an essential requirement for many foreign professionals hoping to live and work in the U.S. The application process for acquiring an H1-B visa is complex. It’s easy to incorrectly submit documentation, which puts your chances of acquiring an employment position in the U.S. at risk.

An H1-B lawyer in Kentucky can help to streamline the process, ensuring all elements of the visa process are completed correctly and efficiently.

Suppose that you are a foreign professional seeking employment in Kentucky or a Kentucky employer hoping to hire an employee who requires an H1-B visa. In that case, the Kentucky H1-B attorneys at Carman Fullerton can help simplify the H1-B visa application process.

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What Is an H1-B Visa?

The U.S. has strict laws surrounding who can enter, live, and work in the country. Many different types of visas exist to permit individuals to enter the U.S. for varying periods of time.

An H1-B visa exists to grant temporary residence and employment to foreign professionals in specific fields. The H1-B visa was created to help U.S. employers hire needed professionals, particularly when qualified individuals cannot be found in the domestic workforce.

An H1-B visa can be obtained by non-immigrant aliens who can prove they meet the professional requirements. An applicant must have an employment offer from an employer willing to sponsor the visa.

Why Choose Carman Fullerton?

Experienced Visa Attorneys Serving Kentucky

Carman Fullerton is a leading immigration law firm based in Kentucky. Our experienced team of H1-B lawyers has a track record of success in helping our clients through the complexities of applying for, appealing, and extending H1-B visas.

Managing partners Dan Carman and Kirby Fullerton understand that a visa is far more than an official designation — it symbolizes our clients’ personal and professional goals. Our team goes to great lengths to help our clients achieve the outcome their hopes and futures are riding on.

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Why Should I Work with an H1-B Visa Lawyer?

The H1-B visa application is complex. There are many steps to the application process, and flawless documentation must be submitted to successfully gain a visa. Because there is a high demand for H1-B visas, it’s highly recommended that you work with an attorney. An attorney will ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly and documentation is correct.

The American Immigration Council reports that in 2018, 24% of H1-B visa applications were denied. An experienced lawyer is your best chance to ensure that you are not among the applicants who fail to procure the visa they need for employment in the U.S.

When your case has additional complexities, like a denial, the need for extension, or family members who wish to accompany you to the U.S., it’s even more crucial to work with an experienced Lexington visa lawyer if you hope to have your application approved.

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How Long Does an H1-B Visa Last?

Once an H1-B visa is issued, it lasts for three years. It’s possible to have the visa extended once, so six years is the maximum amount of time a non-immigrant professional could be granted for living and working in the U.S.

In special circumstances, there are exceptions in which a visa holder can continue to have their visa extended by one-year increments, according to the terms of the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act.

Suppose that you’re a professional employed in Kentucky hoping to further extend an H1-B visa. In that case, a Carman Fullerton H1-B visa lawyer in Kentucky can help you understand whether the conditions of your employment would allow your visa to be extended.

Can an H1-B Attorney Help If My Visa Was Denied?

If you’ve already attempted to apply for an H1-B visa and your application was denied, don’t delay in contacting an H1-B attorney. A lawyer can assess why your application was denied and initiate the appeal process.

It’s still possible to get an H1-B visa granted if your application was denied after the initial attempt. However, you’ll have a much higher chance of being granted the visa if you work with an experienced legal professional who understands why you were denied and knows the steps required to gain approval.

H1-B Visa Employee Eligibility

Only Certain Workers Qualify for an H1-B Visa

H1-B visas are designed for professionals in “specialty occupations.” If you hope to gain this type of visa, you must meet the eligibility requirements.

Types of professionals covered under an H1-B visa include:

  • Department of Defense researchers
  • Development project workers
  • Prominent fashion models
  • Those experienced in a field of highly specialized knowledge.

The final point is a broad classification, although it is accompanied by degree and work experience requirements. Typically, it refers to those with experience in fields like engineering, mathematics, science, and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common client questions the Carman Fullerton team receives about the H1-B visa process. For more detailed responses, call our offices and speak directly with one of our H1-B lawyers.

What is the cost of an H1-B visa attorney in Kentucky?

There’s no set cost for an H1-B lawyer in Kentucky. Cost is typically determined by the client’s specific goals and needs, like application, appeal, or extension. You can arrange a consultation with Carman Fullerton to discuss your situation and learn how much legal services will cost, given your needs.

Are my spouse and children covered by an H1-B visa?

An H1-B visa only covers the foreign professional to whom it is granted. However, a spouse and children under the age of 21 are eligible to live in the U.S. with you for the duration of your visa. Eligible immediate family members need to apply for H-4 visa nonimmigrant visa status.

If you hope for your family to join you for the term of your H1-B visa, it’s highly recommended that you work with an H1-B lawyer to ensure the application process is completed correctly.

Who should hire an H1-B lawyer?

Working with an H1-B lawyer will make the process go more smoothly and greatly increases your chances of having an application approved. Some employers prefer to work directly with an H1-B lawyer, while others require that the potential employee hire an attorney. Carman Fullerton works with both foreign professionals and Kentucky employers.

How long will an H1-B visa lawyer take to complete the application process?

The time frame depends on many factors, especially your reason for working with an H1-B visa lawyer. Processing times for both a standard application and an appeal for a denied application can take two to six months — and sometimes longer.

What happens during the H1-B visa application process?

First, a foreign professional who meets the criteria for an H1-B visa must procure an offer of employment from a U.S. employer willing to sponsor the visa. The employer must file a visa petition and complete a labor certification application.

Many steps, forms, and documents must be completed and submitted to gain approval. An H1-B lawyer helps ensure everything is handled correctly.

Can an H1-B lawyer get my current H1-B visa extended?

There are two ways to extend an H1-B visa. If your visa’s initial three-year term is coming to an end, you can apply to have your visa extended for another three years. If you have already had an extension, it’s possible in some cases to have the visa extended by one-year increments if certain conditions are met.

If you have further questions, call (859) 971-0060 and arrange a consultation with an experienced Kentucky H1-B lawyer at Carman Fullerton.

Only a Limited Number of H1-B Visas Are Issued Each Year

Don’t Risk a Denial — Work with an H1-B Lawyer from the Start

There’s a high demand for H1-B visas. Professionals from diverse fields from many different countries apply for U.S. employment on an H1-B visa. However, the U.S. Department of Labor only allows 85,000 H1-B visas to be granted each year.

Of this number, 65,000 are open to any professional who meets the general terms of the H1-B visa, while the other 20,000 are reserved for foreign professionals who hold a master’s degree or doctorate from a U.S. university.

The high demands and limited quantity of H1-B visas make the application process intense for foreign professionals hoping to secure one of these limited employment opportunities. The best way to ensure that you are granted the H1-B visa you need is to work with an experienced H1-B visa lawyer in Kentucky from the start.

A Carman Fullerton H1-B visa attorney in Kentucky can help both employers and employees navigate all aspects of applying for, appealing, and extending an H1-B visa. Call us today at (859) 971-0060 to get started.