How Do I Renew My Green Card?

Permanent legal resident status in the United States, otherwise known as having your green card, is not granted for life. In most cases, legal permanent residents of the United States need to get their green cards renewed every 10 years. Most of the time, this is a fairly straightforward process, although it can take some time and it’s best to start out well in advance.

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How Do I Renew My Green Card?

Usually, the renewal process goes fairly quickly. That being said, the system is known to get backlogged every once in a while, which could cause your renewal to take several months. It’s a good idea to start the renewal process at least six months before your green card is scheduled to expire.

Once you’re ready to renew, you need to fill in form USCIS I-90. You can find the form at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Most people who file have the option to file on the website or on paper, although some are not eligible to e-file.

The fee to file your USCIS I-90 is currently $540.00, although that is subject to change. If you e-file, this can be paid online, but if you file on paper you’ll need to send a check payable in U.S. dollars to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The check should be mailed to the following address:


Attention: I-90

PO BOX 21262

Phoenix, AZ 85036

Once the USCIS receives your form, you will receive some form of confirmation of receipt. This will come either as an email or in the form of a letter. Keep this as proof that you’ve begun the process.

At some point, the USCIS will schedule a biometrics appointment. This process consists mostly of taking your fingerprints and taking a new photo for your green card. There may be problems at this point if you have run into criminal difficulties since your last green card was issued.

There may be further appointments; however, barring any other issues, the next step is for you to wait to receive your new green card. There may or may not be an in-person interview before you get your new card. If there is no interview, you will receive your new green card in the mail.


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Attorney Kirby J. Fullerton

Attorney Kirby J. Fullerton

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